5 Jan

I’ve always believed that if you weren’t having fun, then you should be doing something else. That is part of the reason I am retiring. The teaching is still fun but the stuff that goes with it is just a pain. Yesterday when I discovered that the course outlines had all been changed by admin and would need to be redone, I spent too much time muttering and complaining. I need to stay focused on letting those things go.

So that leads me to socks. Over the break, I discovered that my granddaughters are fond of “fun” socks. I’ve always gone with the dark trouser socks for work and plain white for sport. I had a neighbor who always had bright colors and/or stripes and patterns. I admired her style but had forgotten about it. I’ve decided that my retirement style will include fun socks. I now have 3 new pair to go with my 2 old argyles (best I ever did before.) Let me know if you have a good source for interesting patterns. I think I need to start making a statement more often.


One Response to “Socks”

  1. sam8371 January 7, 2012 at 3:09 PM #

    Target had lots of colorful socks when I was in there the other day 🙂

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