I’m Officially Old

7 Jan

We all have different ways of defining “old” or “middle aged.” I have always been fond of the dialog from On Golden Pond where Katherine Hepburn says “a nice middle aged couple like us.” and Henry Fonda replies “I don’t know too many people who live to be 150.” So with that in mind I know I’ve moved past the “middle aged” mark and realize that “old” is a more accurate definition. Gee, in July I can just say “retired” and not worry about it again until I reach the point where I classify as “elderly.”

I’m not declaring myself “old” because I’ve hit a millstone birthday (that is later, much, much later) but rather that I applied for Medicare online yesterday AM. I could check the boxes that said I was still working and that I had health insurance through my employer for now. In June I will need to go back in for both Harry and myself to change those selections. We will then have part B coverage at an unknown cost. The price is set by what state you are in. Sometime in the summer we will no longer be WA residents but TX ones. I don’t know if that is a good thing but will happen sooner or later. The problem is knowing just when it happens.

The real fun will be sorting through the dozens of supplemental insurance offerings that again are priced by state. We will probably each have a different carrier. How are “old” people able to negotiate all of the options? Parts A & B are federal/state plans. Then there are plans C – N with D being the most challenging – drugs. Plans F – N offer variations of coverage and coverage of deductible and foreign travel emergency options. Just looking at the options from one company could take all day! Does this mean that as a retired person I will have nothing better to do with my time than review insurance options? Surely I can do better than that!


One Response to “I’m Officially Old”

  1. benwithhart January 30, 2012 at 12:57 PM #

    Here in the geezer business we have two paid staff and 60 intensively trained volunteers to help people navigate the troubled waters of gov’t and private insurance. The system is badly broken. Wanna feel older? AARP dropped it’s membership age to 50 several years ago.

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