Caring About My Job

11 Jan

At a recent meeting we discussed what would happen to the department and division if administration decided to eliminate my full time position.  We realize there a major budget issues but there can be long range effects that should be considered that only we know about. I’m sure that I expressed my concerns in my normal meek and mild manner of a bulldozer. Later a coworker joked about having me lose my membership in the short-timers club. I care about what happens after I leave.

My mother, bless her soul, worried about the fact that I didn’t worry about things I couldn’t control. I thought that she worried enough about everything for both of us. Now I find myself spending more time in discussions about something I can’t even predict let alone control. In normal times, I would have made my retirement announcement and steps would be started immediately to hire a qualified replacement. These are not normal times. There may be a belief that qualified part timers are lined up to take my classes.  Or maybe qualified isn’t even part of the equation.

I can’t control it, I can’t even influence it and after June it won’t be my problem. So why should I care? I care partly because I have suffered through 3 years of garbage and 3 more of focusing on what was best for students. That caring doesn’t get turned off by flipping a switch. Students want reassurance that I will be replaced with someone they can come talk to whenever they feel like it. My coworkers are wondering what roles they will be asked to play to fill the vacancy. That puts pressure on them when they need it the least. I care about that as well.

The end result is that I feel guilty for leaving.  I know that retiring at this time is the best for Harry & for me. I love what I’m doing but there are so many more adventures out there. I’ve earned the right to retire. I just need to figure out at what point I stop caring about the job and the people I’ve left behind.

4 Responses to “Caring About My Job”

  1. nhowardwenatchee January 12, 2012 at 6:46 AM #

    I figured out where the site lets me comment!

    Don’t stop caring. Please. It’s what drives us to quality when “they” drive for filling the coffers.

    We have never taught for the money. Teaching has always been the true long term, the twenty- or thirty-year payback. And that payback is never monetary. Teaching, true teaching, is “in the blood” not the pocketbook.

    • compterteach January 12, 2012 at 5:22 PM #

      I know I will never stop being a teacher. I will just stop where I teach.

  2. bctoltman January 17, 2012 at 12:28 PM #

    No, don’t stop caring. We need your leadership until the last day! Then, alas, we will let you sail out of the harbor, unescorted!

    • compterteach January 30, 2012 at 5:13 PM #

      But the fleet may plan to join me out in that big bad world some time soon.

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