Limits of Small Town Life Part 1

13 Jan


Harry and I rarely agree on what sounds good for dinner. I prefer healthy non meat or at least non red meat entrees while he is in his “life is short – eat what you like best” phase. That limits the menu to steak, pot roast and hamburgers. He says tomato sauce upsets his stomach but fresh sliced tomatoes don’t. He will eat canned chili but not home made chili but won’t eat white chicken chili because it doesn’t have beef. Sounds logical to me!

What does all of this have to do with limits of a small town? Harry’s normal answer to my dinner menu is to say he is going out for dinner. He knows I will rarely join him – the Buzz Inn is not on the top of my restaurant picks. In 6 months either his choices will be sharply limited or he will be driving a lot farther. Honey Grove has two restaurants – Escondido or The Red Onion unless you count the Quik Mart deli section. Harry will eat Mexican maybe once a month so that leaves the Red Onion. They have his 1st picks of chicken fried steak or burger and fries but not his alternate of breakfast for dinner. Breakfast at the Red Onion stops at 10:30. He finds that much too limited. His only choice will be to drive to Paris (20 miles) or Bonham (15 miles). He is not above doing just that but he has to take a driver’s test in Texas. That may limit his options even more.

What will be my solution? I need to stop giving him advanced warning on dinner plans. I have discovered that if I fix it and serve it, he will eat it. He may make a kitchen raid for something extremely unhealthy like a Marie Callender’s pot pie but he will have his own shelf in the freezer.  Or he may need to make friends at the Red Onion so that chicken fried steak can be served with eggs and hash browns at 5 PM!


2 Responses to “Limits of Small Town Life Part 1”

  1. nhowardwenatchee January 18, 2012 at 9:22 PM #

    So as a card carrying carnivore, I can ubderstand the call of rare beef. Iam also a fan of breakfast for nearly any meal. my favorite? Biscuits and gravey followed by that afternoon nap.

    Our retirement plans don’t include the small tow with the limited resaurant choice. Ours has no town and no restaurants. so that great breakfast out means a 40 mile drive, or crossing a border to that foreign country to the north. Neither of those lack of amenities make the nap portion an easy option. will retirement mean not difference in the day of the week and no options for not cooking? Maybe this working business is not as bad as it sometimes feels.

  2. compterteach January 19, 2012 at 7:57 AM #

    Even if retirement weekends lose their special status, it does not mean that all days have to be the same. You could declare “He cooks” and “She cooks” days. We both know that “She cooks” will be more often but if a system is working, there is no reason to give it up. We operate with a “last person out of bed, has to make it” rule. You know who only makes the bed when the sheets are changed!

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