Things I’ll Miss in Wenatchee Part 1

22 Jan

Driving through Wenatchee on Friday I realized there are a lot of things here I will miss. I know we will both miss the way the surrounding mountains and hills change colors through the day and the seasons. Early in the morning the sunlight sparkles and intensifies the valleys with a pattern of shadows on each hill. The same hills in Spring turn so green and then yellow as the arrowroot balsam blooms. And now in winter they are packed deep in snow that is so white in contrast to the muddy brown snow packed streets. The Columbia also changes colors as it rises and drops with the seasons. It reminds me of the Mississippi. The hills in Texas are rolling rather than sharp uprisings and the Red River is smaller and 20 miles away.

I love that the stoplights are coordinated. I can go from East Wenatchee through Wenatchee to the college with usually only stops at 3 of the dozen stoplights and 1 of those is in East Wenatchee. That was not the case on Friday. The traffic moved at 15 – 20 miles an hour rather than the 30 needed for the coordinated lights. The middle lane was piled high with snow and the intersections were more than a little tricky. Anyone who wanted to changes lanes had to time it just right to negotiate through the mounds of tracks hoping they didn’t get stuck and that they could see into the other lane. I was glad I was driving Harry’s truck rather than my little low car. When we moved here I had planned, that if the snow was really bad, I could drive the truck to school. This is the 1st year I have done that. That won’t be an issue in Texas

In Honey Grove I won’t have to worry about coordinating stoplights. There are 2 traffic lights. One is at the intersection of the 2 highways into town near the downtown square. The 2nd is a flashing caution light at the end of our street where it intersects with one of those highways. A trip to Bonham ups the potential for traffic lights. With 15,000 people it has about 5 traffic lights and 2 of those are at opposite ends of the city limits. Paris has lots of lights but it also has a circling freeway that increases the length of a trip but makes it much faster to get there.  Our main stops of Home Depot and Wal-Mart are just off that freeway about 2 miles apart. We already know 2/3 of the restaurants in between the 2. Gee, maybe I won’t miss those coordinating stoplight that much. I will, however, miss all of my dear friends here. I’ll just keep reminding them that housing prices in Texas are really really low!

4 Responses to “Things I’ll Miss in Wenatchee Part 1”

  1. nhowardwenatchee January 24, 2012 at 6:44 AM #

    Monday was clear with deep blue skies and a fresh four inches of snow. The berms filling one of the three lanes on the major arterials were higher. The contrast is startling. Those skies and the reflection off the solid whiteness were invigorating. The drive through the deep grey canals of drive lanes between those berms sucked the light and the life out of any drive, even one of only a few blocks. A five-minute drive durning most of the year becomes a twenty-minute one when Wenatchee has snow. Still that white and blue day was worth the dark frustration of that evening drive.

    • compterteach January 24, 2012 at 4:36 PM #

      The newest falling snow is now sleet that is turning to freezing rain. Even blue skies and sunshine on the snow only go so far. For me, the idea of sunshine and 64 on January 24th sounds like a really good idea.

  2. sam8371 January 27, 2012 at 2:20 PM #

    The snow is beautiful… right up until the point at which I have to be somewhere according to a schedule. Then it becomes a continual series of obstacles and a source of stress. So yeah, 64 degrees and sunshine sounds pretty good!

  3. benwithhart January 30, 2012 at 12:43 PM #

    I agree, the quality of life in a community can be judged by the number of stop lights it doesn’t have.

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