27 Jan

Over the years I have had many different coworkers. Some were great to work with and others not so much. The good ones did their own jobs but were there if I needed help or advice. They proofread the big report before I made a fool of myself, answered my phone or picked up my mail. We laughed and joked, consoled when needed and knew of good places to go for lunch. Lunch provided a relaxed time to catch up on personal lives of loves, loses and plans. Occasionally there might be an after work beer or glass of wine for just a little more social interaction. Looking back I still smile remembering good times, but events change. Either I or they moved on to a new job, new city, new life and new coworkers. The connection of time and space faded.

There is a special group of coworkers, however, that result in a stronger bond. They move from coworkers to friends. I have been blessed with a number of them and know that even though the time and space will be stretched much farther in the years ahead, the connections will still be there. I’m sure there are researchers somewhere analyzing how all of that social chemistry works but I’m just glad to know that it does.

Retirement changes the opportunities for making those coworker connections in the 1st place. I have started making plans for activities that will expand my world in Texas beyond the little house on 14th street. I have a shopping trip planned with the wife of our foundation contractor and am on a 1st name basis with the ladies at the library and a few occupants of city hall. Those connections are barely beyond the smile and greeting stage. At some point a few will progress to casual friend. I have to trust that true friendship will follow but no matter what, I know that I’ve had coworkers who have become good friends but that story is for another day.

One Response to “Coworkers”

  1. benwithhart January 30, 2012 at 12:40 PM #

    I have always choosen to not cross the line from co-worker friend to friend until that individual leaves/retires. Advice from one in the geezer business: it is very important to continue to make new friends, inorder to have a successful retirement. Well documented in the studies.

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