31 Jan

A student in my web design class who is creating a site on puzzles stated that “everyone likes puzzles.” I chose to not challenge that statement but know there is nothing in the world that everyone likes. Even those who say they like puzzles may only like certain kinds. I personally like jigsaw puzzles but hate crosswords. My husband does crosswords but doesn’t get Sudoku. I have enjoyed Sudoku but have burned out on it.

I have realized I truly love a totally different type of puzzle that doesn’t come in a book, a box or video game. I like to design spaces. Laying out a functional kitchen that fits into a limited shape is a puzzle to be solved.  Once I have placed the appliances and selected appropriate cabinets, I continue with the location of windows and doors and colors for everything. Furniture needs to be arranged in other rooms with more styles and colors thrown in. From inside I can move to the exterior for decks, patios, and garden plans. All are objects on paper or in my mind that can be rearranged until they work well with the surroundings. The puzzle can continue to evolve over years as the seasons change. At some point, however, the puzzle will be completed. The house and the garden will be done.

That completion is not yet a concern because the current house in Wenatchee isn’t done but hopefully will be soon. It has to be done before mid summer so we can list the house for sale. That completion will precede the move the Texas and the house there that has no kitchen and a bath from hell. Hopefully Spring, 2013 will mean the interior construction will be a thing of the past and I can focus on that huge yard and garden. I can’t wait to get started. Texas will be the last kitchen remodel we do and I doubt I would decide to start another 2/3 of an acre yard plan again. What will I do then for puzzles? Will I be forced to try crosswords or word searches to keep my brain sharp? Goodness no – I’ll just find friends who can’t quite decide how to decorate the living room or what to consider in that kitchen improvement. Or I’ll turn to those improvements in This Old House and lay out a plan that is better than theirs. Isn’t that what puzzles are all about?


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