8 Feb

I need a haircut. I have been very critical of the haircuts I have gotten for the last 30 years. I have worn the same basic style for all of those years and I have a very simple yardstick to use to evaluate a good cut from a poor one. If a stranger comments on my hair, I know it is a good cut.

For my younger years, hair was just something that sat on the top of my head. That changed when a stylist wanted to show off the silver sections that covered more than my part. My mother had worn her hair short and brushed back to highlight the frosted locks at her temples. Although that changed as she aged, I thought it was time I maximized what I had.

That stylist moved to another shop in Auburn and then recommended another when she moved out of the area. Bronwyn started cutting my hair just the way I liked it and we continued even after I moved to Aberdeen. I had tried local shops there but decided a 200 mile round trip was not unreasonable for a good cut. She cut, people commented so it was a good reason.

A round trip of 300 miles over mountain passes pushed the rational to unreasonable. I tried lots of local shops before a friend recommended Stephanie. We had a really good run for about 4 years. She moved out of the area but recommended another stylist. We tried for a year but she never really got it right. It was a good haircut but not the right haircut. No one commented and I thought maybe it was me.

Summer is a nice time to be in Auburn and Bronwyn was available. The haircut was back! A second trip and a second haircut to start the school year; 6 weeks later another trip and another haircut worked just fine. Christmas time and another trip complete with haircut finished the year.

Now it is time once more. I don’t have another reason to make the trip. I am behind in both grading and house completion projects so I can’t really take a full weekend day to make a round trip and then the Sunday after to recover. I can make the trip at Spring break but not now.

So I’ll close my eyes and make a new selection locally. I really need the practice. Soon I will be trying to explain how the cut is done in a Texas beauty shop where the bouffant hairdo is still in style. Is 2150 miles one way too far to go for a haircut?



One Response to “Haircuts”

  1. teadleagain February 14, 2012 at 8:19 AM #

    Don’t have a reason, huh…….

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