Letting Go Part 2

8 Feb

I am also a sentimental packrat about things I have accumulated through my life. I have stuff from my childhood like my 1st teddy bear, a sweater left from my college days, and my material grandmother’s little metal bank shaped like a bank that could not have held more than 20 cents – a fortune for a child in her day. There is a sweater from my ex husband’s high school days, hats and dresses and pictures from weddings long past and short past. There are the 2 red cups in the cupboard that we bought on our 1st trip to Wenatchee long before we moved here. There are our faces  modeled in clay that were done by a street vendor on Santa Monica pier and the statue my Great Uncle brought home from France after WWI. There are books, tons and tons of books covering fiction and non fiction, paperbacks, textbooks and 110 year old dictionaries. I have started to let some of them go like shipping my childhood table and chairs and my angel lamp to my youngest granddaughter to enjoy with her little sister. That is just two things and there are so many more. I do know I am a packrat.

Some of these things may have a financial value but most do not.  Because there is no financial value I should probably let them go. Put them into a box and drop them at the Goodwill. The boxes have been packed but with care and not labeled “Goodwill.” These are the bits and pieces that reflect the twists and turns my life has taken to get me where I am today.  How can I not remember the hundreds of rolls of caps my brother and I detonated with the little metal cap bomb that we dropped from his bedroom windows to the sidewalk below?  When did they even make a toy that looks like a metal bomb complete with nose cone and fins? How did I come to have it? It is an odd item to associate with my only brother as we grew up but I do have it and I do associate it with a certain degree of pride and tears.  It is carefully packed in one of those boxes marked “Treasures.”

Retirement will bring a move back across the country. Some of those packrat things made the trip from east to west when I moved to Oregon in 1969. Now they will be heading back from west to east. Many are silly things to have traveled so far but I will pack them once again. It is not yet time for this packrat to let go of everything, at least not yet.


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