Letting Go Part 3

9 Feb

This is a major announcement: I really have started letting go. I have stacked old textbooks in my classroom where students can help themselves. I brought technical reference books from home to give to students. I spend part of each school day surveying the 3 books cases in my office for what will stay and what will go. Some are easy decisions while others are more complicated.

I will part with most of the old Boeing training manuals which occupy one entire shelf. They had been well used while I was at Boeing and in the years that followed. The stated objectives were straightforward and the examples very useful but they are for Office 95.

I will part with the CompUSA training manuals as well which occupy another shelf. Like the Boeing set, they have shown their value long after their version date. They have provided the core for many of my course outlines. The stated objectives were even better than the Boeing manuals and provided a wider selection of software that matches what I currently teach.

Long gone are the textbooks that were not selected for my current classes. Most of the prior versions are gone. Hopefully I did save a few to provide compare and contrast elements for staff training on the conversion to Office 10. I need that help to jog my memory. Once I learn the name and function of a feature, I stop worrying about where it is currently located. Other people want that information as part of their training. The old books will help with that.

Then the decision gets harder. I don’t have a clue about part time employment in my retirement years. I had said I would be available as an online adjunct until it came back to me that I was going to teach 2 classes per term every term. That sounds like a full time job for part time pay. I don’t consider that  retirement. I declared to friends that I would not teach any but that is not realistic for me or the program I am leaving. Part of me says that is best for all if I close that door and go fishing for at least a year. The other part knows I will miss the connection and as an adjunct at a distance I can be available if someone really does want an answer on how things were done before.

In the meantime, I have 3 bookcases full of books. Which ones might I need or want? Do I only want the ones where my name appears in the “contributing” part? Will I need that to let a Texas community college know why they want to hire me as an adjunct or should I just order a new copy?


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