My Fingers Don’t Bend

16 Feb

My fingers don’t bend well. Some of them head off in opposite directions at the end. I have arthritis. I could grouse that this is another sign of age but it has been an issue since I truly was middle aged. Decades from now scientists will confirm that it is genetic. At least that is the reasoning that I use to blame it on my mother. Aren’t children required to blame things on their parents?

My fingers are worse in the winter. The cold means I can’t make a fist. I truly hate to type in class because every misdirected finger stroke is shown on the overhead projector. To reduce the errors I have to slowly press each key. I find it hard to slow my brain down to that speed. By the time I get the words on the page I can’t remember where I was heading.

None of that is an issue here. I slap the words out as quickly as I can remember how to spell them. Since spelling was never my strong point, I don’t worry about the spelling too much either. Once the words are on the page, Word tries very hard to decode what they might actually mean. I love those little red squiggly lines. Luckily I’ve learned to concentrate on the thoughts and ignore those red marks until I’m done.

That all means I need to proof read my writing carefully. That is also not my strong point so I may make mistakes that some of you will catch. Please let me know. I’m vain but not too much so to not acknowledge those mistakes.

So where is all of this heading? It goes back to my fingers not bending in the winter. Here today the forecast is rain/snow showers, high 45 and low 28. For our new home this is a slightly cool week. Forecast for today is cloudy with some sun (rain later in the week) with high 62 and low 45.  I’ve checked the weather forecast for both locations daily through out the winter. Our high is usually their low. They did have a forecast of snow once this winter but it warmed before it fell as rain.

I plan to check the forecasts daily next winter as well but it will be from the advantage of a slightly warmer winter. We can’t wait!

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