Bucket Lists

18 Feb

Most of us knew about the concept of the Bucket List before the movie of the same name came out but the movie did serve as a reminder that human lifetimes are not infinite. Each of us have dreams of the things we would like to see or do in the time we are given. For me retirement promises the flexibility of time, rather than short quarter breaks, to work on those list. The reduction in income means we need to look at the options carefully but we can control the when as long as we don’t put them off for too long.

Harry’s list has included a safari photo shoot in South Africa and fly fishing in New Zealand. He now doubts that he will do either of them but I haven’t ruled them out. My list includes visiting Athens and making a cross Atlantic cruise. Both are viable options that could be combined. I frequently look at the prices but we are still restricted by those quarter breaks and we may not be ready in October, 2012. April, 2013 might be a better time.

There are items that were on our combined list that we had to move past. We will never build that cabin on the property we had in Tonasket. The property was sold to fund the house in Texas and it was a fair trade. The cross country trip on the Gold Wing motorcycle will only happen for other people. Harry’s stroke cancelled that plan and now his motorcycle riding days.

We have fulfilled one of Harry’s items, one of mine and one we both shared in our last trip to Alaska. Harry went to his 50 year high school class reunion and now he knows why it was never on my checklist at all but that is a story for another day.  We took the Alaskan Ferry AKA Alaskan Marine Highway from Bellingham to Haines, Alaska. It was an interesting trip but probably not one we will ever repeat. That item can be checked off my list.  The drive from Haines to Anchorage was faster than I would have liked but Harry didn’t want to be late for the reunion kick off. We could have taken more time.

We did take more time on the drive from Anchorage back to Wenatchee. We drove the Alcan Highway that was a big thing in the 60’s and 70’s. We needed to remind ourselves that this paved road (except for the long stretches of road construction) was really the road of legend. Gas stations were available even on the sections that really didn’t have much in the way of real towns. We didn’t have to replace a windshield or headlights which had been a normal thing in years gone by. We never needed to find a logging road for camping because there were lots of parks through out Canada until we reached lower BC. We saw roadside bear, moose, and caribou so we did know there was wilderness around us but it didn’t really touch us the way it might have 30 or 40 years ago. For Harry the checkmark on that Bucket list item is complete. Now that I know what to expect, I could drive it again. Maybe I’ll take even more time to find that wilderness, but will the bears understand the rules?

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