Letting Go Part 4

25 Feb

It is almost time because Spring is just around the corner. As a pack rat I have a difficult time in letting go of the things in my world. But it is almost time to let go of some of my clothes such as the good wool suits from mortgage days and coordinating wool blazers in blues, greens, tans and reds. They are classics but I really won’t wear them again. Although it does get cold in Texas and I will need nice clothes, I won’t need that many selections. I will keep the lighter weight suits, jackets and skirts at least for now. Maybe in a year it will be time to have another yard sale or find a good charity. Maybe it will be easier then because I’ll have a better image of my life after retirement.

It is almost time for my friends to come shopping in my closet. Those blazers and suits really are classics. There is the plaid wool skirt with the matching tan blazer that looks so great with boots. I will add the boots to the stack and the coordinating tan sweater!  There are the wool coats and jackets plus a dozen more sweaters in every color. How could my friends not want my treasures? If I have worn and loved them for so many years, I know they will find a happy home with someone. I should probably line them up and take pictures so I’ll remember them in the years to come. They represent a number of good times and career changes – a special part of who I am.  I’ve started to clean out the closet and the drawers and the stack is getting higher with each nice day. There is one sweater that won’t be in the discard group, however.  It is the brown turtleneck I bought in 1965 at the JC Penney’s in Winona, MN for $7. It is better than a letter sweater to mark that period of my life in the dorm. It is already packed in a box marked “Treasures.” I just may want to wear at least one more time. Sometimes being a pack rat be supersedes letting go.


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