2 Mar

Sidewalks are normally part of a city design but are optional for suburban housing projects. We have lived in both. Having sidewalks reminds me that we don’t live in the world of Fahrenheit 451 and that there is more to life than sitting in front of the TV or computer. Our current home is situated in an area without sidewalks. We do take walks with Fred the dog but we are rarely inspired to go farther than just around the block or two. Fred would happily go for much more.

We go to campus on Sundays to take a slightly longer walk using the sidewalks to loop around a number of the buildings. We can follow the path in a variety of directions each week. Fred loves the walk because he can travel off leash – so many trees and so little time.

The new house has a sidewalk that runs past our house up 2 blocks, turns left and then continues on to the town square about 7 blocks away. The library sits on one corner of the square, the hardware store on another, the Mexican restaurant on another and the post office on the 4th. One block over is City Hall with 2 of the many churches on that same street within another 2 blocks. If we were to head in the opposite direction for 2 more blocks, we could take the sidewalk through the main city park and return home on yet another sidewalk on a different street. This scenic tour means that we could walk anywhere we need or want to without difficulty. If I were a kid, roller skates would be a very popular way to head to the library!

The weather should be fairly mild for most of the year with some cold days in winter and some very warm ones in summer. We will have no excuses for not heading out at least twice a day on a nice stroll around the town square and back. Fred will be eager to join us on these walks but will have to make them in full dress complete with a leash. At least the sidewalks are surrounded by lots of trees and there will be so much more time. Fred should love it.

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