Packing Part 1

4 Mar

I’ve spent a major portion of this weekend packing. I did do some grading and additional time with drywall, tape and mud but most was on packing. I’ve made a serious dent in the things from my home office. One set of shelving has been removed from the wall and the main bookcase only has a handful of things left. I’ve packed 2 shelves of the cupboard and I think I’ve decided on what I plan to do with many of the other things.

Packing is a messy job.  For every box that is packed there is a pile of left overs that either won’t fit or I can’t decide if they should be packed at all. I’m finding it easier to add to that yard sale collection. I’ve also found that when I have too much set aside without a decision, it is probably time to take a break. It is much easier to come back and decide not to move things that have been in the cupboard for years. I really don’t need 2 reams of legal sized paper. I had taken two other reams to school years ago but I don’t think we used any there either.  That doesn’t mean that anyone will want it at the yard sale but at least I won’t be moving it once again.

I’ve packed 5 boxes of books from the living room and probably have 5 more to do another day. The 1904 dictionary will have a special place on the bookcases in the Texas living room. The record albums are in 4 boxes in the shed. There are odds and ends in the living room computer cabinet – some junk and some savers. The odds and ends are not easy to pack even when I’ve made my decision. Many of them should go into small boxes and then into larger ones.  Awkward sizes are hard to deal with. Books are easier. They line up nicely in the same sized boxes. Maybe next week I’ll have the living room books all packed and the bookcases removed.

Time to start placing yard sale items in the carport area.  Nine months ago we moved everything that was still in the carport to Texas. This time it will be reserved for things that won’t be moving. Spring break is coming and the 1st yard sale may very well be the week that follows.  I wonder how many we will have before we are down to just the essentials. Sounds exciting.


One Response to “Packing Part 1”

  1. gramajan March 4, 2012 at 8:27 PM #

    If the paper doesn’t move at the yard sale, you might consider donating it to a day care, pre-school, or Sunday school. People who work with kids always welcome supplies.

    I don’t envy you the sorting and packing process. I’m currently going through my daughter’s abandoned belongings, a little at a time. I can’t bear to throw away anything useful, so a lot of thought goes into the disposal of each boxful.

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