Sweaters and Seasons

7 Mar

Like many northern Midwest girls, I grew up owning lots of very warm sweaters. I would start with lighter ones at the first hint of fall and move on to the warm ones with winter. Somehow when the high for the winter day is minus 20 degrees, a sweater seems like a really good idea. I still have lots of warm sweaters but it rarely has gotten much below zero here and the high got back up to at least zero if not more. This last winter has been much warmer with cold nights hitting single digits and highs in the mid teens.  I’ve already filled a bag with the really warm sweaters but there are more to be added.  Spring is coming soon so it is time to fill more bags.

The winters in our future may still be cold but sweaters there will be lighter cotton ones. Maybe the turtleneck sleeveless shells with the matching cardigans will be keepers. Somehow I’ve always thought of those as early, early spring selections but winter should work.

It is fall that worries me. Will it still feel like fall if I finally start to need a sweater or maybe a long sleeve shirt just before the start of winter? We have lots of Bois d’arc trees on our lot but I don’t really know their habits. I’ve read that the leaves turn a light yellow in fall but they were all gone when we were there in December. Will we have tons of leaves that need to be raked? A nice maple would give us good leaves for piles to jump in or at least scuff our feet through. That to me feels like fall. We only have the Bois d’arc not maples so I’m not sure I can use them as a marker for that change of seasons. I really need to count on the sweaters – light cotton sweaters in tans and browns. Or maybe they should be tee shirts, tan and brown tee shirts. If that doesn’t say fall, nothing will!

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