11 Mar

Gardening gives me a sense of accomplishment and wonder. Usually it is that I wonder if the seeds are going to grow faster than the never ending weeds but there is a very special feeling when the plants stand tall. I like to make certain that they get enough water and sunlight and that I didn’t plant them too soon or too late. I also like to enjoy the fruits for my labor whether it is a tomato, bean, potato or flower. The birds help plant the hundreds of sunflowers that fill in every empty space between the flowers that were planned. Sunflowers are an interesting weed with which to deal. It always makes me sad when I pull them out by the hundreds.

The large lot in Texas will offer may more options for flowers and veggies. I think I have decided where the main beds will be although I’d really like to plant 200 feet rows of sunflowers and lavender covering the entire back yard. Harry thinks that is a bit excessive and he may be right. We will compromise with wild flower seeds for the 1st year. I doubt if we actually get it planted before next spring. His riding lawn mower doesn’t have a plow attachment.

I won’t be planting in Washington this year either. Our plan is to be moved by August. The garden here would just be starting to set the tomatoes and the potatoes wouldn’t be ready for another month. The lavender may have made it thought the winter and hopefully the daisies will be blooming if I can keep those sunflowers under control. I will try to keep the area neat and tidy but I just can’t plant for someone else to enjoy. I’ll settle for enjoying the roses in the front yard. They will start to show off by June and should still be looking good for the next resident of this house. I really hope they like to garden. There is wonderful spot in the back yard for both veggies and flowers. I sure hope they move in quickly so they can enjoy it!


One Response to “Gardening”

  1. gramajan March 11, 2012 at 8:35 PM #

    We were fortunate enough to move into this home with a big garden just about ready to harvest. What a treat that was. I’ve wondered since how they managed to save all that from the local deer, since it wasn’t fenced. I think they had dogs, though. We just keep adding fencing.

    I like to see things growing, but I like even better to have fresh veggies for the picking. The maintenance work I could do without, but that’s the price you pay to get the finished product.

    What do you plan to do with all that lavender and sunflowers?

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