Being a Newcomer

24 Mar

I grew up in a small town where extended families intertwined to include most of the town. I find my trips to the annual family reunion quite entertaining that way, discovering relatives I barely knew as classmates. I have been advised that our new home is in a similar community. We will be newcomers. Some people may define “newcomer” as someone who has lived in a place or worked at a job for less than 6 months or a year.

In a small community a newcomer is defined a little differently. It is when the 1st grade teacher asks each student about their parents. She didn’t want to know if she knew them but rather had she had that child’s father, mother, uncle, cousin or brother as a student in her class? If your answer to the question was no, you were a newcomer and would continue to be so until your children went to that same school.

I look forward to learning about the community and the surrounding 3 county area. I occasionally check out the electronic versions of the newspapers to take note of events and what is considered “news”. Once we truly move in to the house, I know that the free bimonthly Honey Grove Gazette will start to appear on our front porch. I will take the extra step of contacting the paper to tell them who we are and that we are not just fixing the house up to sell knowing that we will be a news item as we have been a discussion topic for the last 18 months.

I have decided I want to use that newcomer status to start a new project. As I adjust to being retired and we adjust to our new life, I will continue the 2nd 6 months of this blog. I will also start a newspaper column or “travel” blog on the interesting places and events we attend through the eyes of a “newcomer”. That should keep me busy for the rest of my life.


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