Spring break AKA Packing Part 2

25 Mar

In my college days Spring break meant warm beaches, cold drinks and lots of fun. At least that is what I heard from the movies. Those warm beaches were a long way away from Minnesota and money was always tight for my friends. I’m sure the upper crust students did such things but I didn’t know any of them. For the rest of us it meant going home to help with the chores that didn’t get done at Winter break. Many of my friends were the oldest so they were needed on the farm. My father always had some really fun project saved just for me. I can still remember digging through 5’ of blue clay often swinging a pickax. There I stood in that 5’ deep hole filled with a foot of water in a cold March rain to reach the 100 year old water pipe that had sprung a leak.  My older brother pointed out much later that I got the good job of water pipe. He had to dig up the breaks in the sewer pipe. It is all a matter of prospective.

The last of the living room books have been boxed and moved to storage. They are joined there by the punching bag and workout bench. There are more boxes packed and ready to move out. That will probably be a continuous process for the next month. I have yet to start on the cookbooks but many of the seldom used kitchen items are finding their way into boxes. Because of that odd sized issue (see Packing Part 1 March 4th ) one corner of the kitchen has a large stack of odd shaped cookware. Others are stacked on the counter waiting to be washed before they join that odd shaped collection. They were the ones that hung faithfully on the pot rack but not used everyday.

The pot rack will take two people to move and it will be very challenging to pack in a truck. It was wrapped in a blanket when it was moved first from the house in Auburn and then again from the house in Aberdeen. Harry built it for the kitchen in Aberdeen. The cooktop was in the middle of the breakfast bar in the middle of the room and the pot rack was accessible from its 2 long sides. Here it accepted its place tight against the wall over the stove. That place will soon be occupied by a fancy range hood. The pot rack will come down today and wait for the trip to the Texas kitchen. There it should find its last and perfect place hanging over the center island. Even the hanging chains are designed for the 9 foot ceiling although finding the beams for the hooks will be a challenge. The rack can go up as soon as the ceiling is painted even before the cabinets are in and the island moved into place. That will be part of the unpacking which right now, seems like a far far away time.

Time to pack a few more boxes!


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