Wrist Watches

29 Mar

“Old people wear watches, Young People Don’t” cites The Boomer Chronicles. More Magazine echoes the same but then proceeds to accessorize with $1,000 fashion watches. I’m a boomer and I wear a watch to work as part of my school day routine. I have an assortment of sizes, colors and styles although Mickey and Minnie are my favorites. Donald Duck is still missed although I’ve yet to throw that one away in the silly fantasy that I may have him rebuilt some day. I could probably wear him because the watch isn’t really all about the time. It is just part of my accessories when I start my day.

I rarely wear a watch when I’m on vacation unless I’m catching a plane, train or cruise ship. If I’ve spent all that money for transportation, I really don’t want to be late. My husband also has a large collection of watches but he rarely wears them. Many were purchased when we were on a trip because he wants to keep track of time once we are away from home. Of course once we return home that watch is added to the others in the drawer. I really should put his watch on my packing list so he doesn’t need to buy a new one or keep asking me for the time.

At home we have clocks. Every room has at least one except the bathroom. The living room has 3 with one being double sided and there is an outside one facing the hot tub. Because my husband is already retired and spends most of every day at home, it is easy to understand why he forgets about the watches. On weekends when we are out and about, he checks the clock in the car or reverts to asking me. I’ll revert to the cell phone just like a young person.

I’m now faced with a dilemma. Should my watches join the piles of garage sale items or should they live happily in the watch drawer? Should I keep out just one to keep active with fresh batteries? I’ve saved a few school clothes items to wear to social events. Will I feel uncomfortable without adding a watch and if so I’d need more than one because Mickey doesn’t coordinate with every outfit? I could just accept the regular use of my cell phone to tell time. That means,however, I’d actually have to keep the phone turned on but that is for another story.


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