6 Apr

I grew up fishing. I remember the 1st time I baited my own hook at about age 4. I carefully threaded the center of the worm with the hook. It took such a long time without any loops or misdirection as the worm wiggled. As soon as I completed my task and was ready to drop by hook over the edge of the boat, my father announced it was time to head back home. After my crying session, he decided we could stay another 5 minutes. I don’t remember if I caught anything but that worm was perfect.

When my sons were small, their dad and often I took them fishing to area lakes. We explored by boat and had great picnics. We also caught some fish but that wasn’t really the reason for the trip. I doubt if the boys remember those times as anything special but for me it was some of the best days of our marriage.

I got the boat in the divorce settlement and continued the fishing trips. Camping trips to Pot Holes Reservoir combined the fishing for me and warm water swimming for the boys. One son grew to love the water and the boat but the other never seemed to be that impressed. Neither have become fishermen.

Harry and I have talked often about going fishing. He planned to return to fly fishing but he never has. I bought lots of fishing books over the years.  Most of our fishing books are just for WA lakes and rivers so they are in the garage sale things. Some of them were really great books but what made them great won’t transfer to Texas. We do, however, have 3 lakes within 10 miles of the new house so fishing should be back in our recreational plan in 6 months. Let’s hope we actually take time to do it. If we are still finishing the remodel on this house 6 years after we moved in, there is no reason to spend every minute working on the new one. That means I buy more books and pack all of the fishing pools and equipment. Not time to let those things go. I can’t wait to bait a hook.


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