Early Mornings

7 Apr

I love early morning. That time between 5 and 7 AM has special qualities. There is a quiet that is lost once other people awaken and drive off to work. By 7:30 dogs are barking and the hum of traffic picks up. 4:30 AM shares that quiet but it also comes with a sense of “why in the world am I up now?”

During the school week that quiet time allows me to organize my lesson plans for the day. I can gather the web links and articles I want to share with my students. This term I also have to remember those bits and pieces of technology that demonstrate advancement in operating systems. I have stacks of those things at school but others are personal items I use at home. I don’t usually remember them before I go to bed. Even if I do remember them the night before, I may still leave them on my way out the door the next morning because they weren’t on my mind then.

On weekends, I am also awake at 5 to 5:30. Weekend mornings have the quiet but also a sense of peace. I can sink into a project without the need to watch the clock. I can read the Sunday paper or just take my coffee to the garden to listen to the birds. In summer I can start weeding the roses in the front yard and watch the sky change colors as the sun rises.

I look forward to having every day start with that same sense of peace and quiet in retirement. The house sits close to the street but it is not a very busy street. The patio, deck and garden face East and the very private back yard so they are excellent places to enjoy the coffee with the birds and the sun rise. There will be a table in the screen house where I can set up the laptop to write. The warm season starts in February and runs into early December so that outdoor room may be my new office for a major part of the year. Sounds idyllic. I should have those early mornings to write that novel. Is it a September morn yet?


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