Selling a House

16 Apr

I have a history with houses. I’ve always been fascinated with what people do to their homes with color choices and general decorating styles that never really match the style of the house. My parents had an old house and spend 40 years trying to make it look modern. The existing style was not their style but was something they could afford.

I like to take buy old houses and make them clean and neat but add to their charm.  As long as someone buys the house  when we are ready to sell we are both happy. I enjoy adding fun touches like newspaper wallpaper in the bathroom above the white bead board surround and quaint cabinet pulls in the kitchen. I don’t know if the people who buy my remodel efforts appreciate that charm but I did while I lived there.

My problem is that I have no difficulty living with the almost of the remodel. I am never in a rush to actually finish everything. The guest room in this house is a prefect example. It needed to be repainted. The semi gloss walls and ceiling were not flattering with the bumps and lumps that were left. But I could never decide on a color for the walls. Half of the floor had hardwood flooring still splattered with paint and the other half had carpet that covered replacement particle board. I knew I had almost enough old flooring to redo the floor but that meant I needed to clear everything out of the room. That didn’t happen until recently.

The guest room now has fresh paint on ceiling and soft blue walls. The carpet is gone and the floor is all freshly sanded hardwood. That took longer than expected so that stain and sealer is still a work in progress but should be all done by this time next week. We can then put everything back and clean up for a party. There will still be more work to be done in other rooms but for a couple of days the focus will be on clean and neat.

We are working on finishing things because it is almost time to put this house on the market. I now care about those finishing touches like baseboards and window trim. We have added some much needed charm and way too much money but the house smiles at the street once more ready to greet friends and hopefully new owners. Let’s hope the right buyer will see all that effort and be willing to pay the price so we can continue to work on the house in Texas with a clear mind and a happier bank account. Wonder if I’ll ever complete the finishing touches on that one?


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