21 May

This weekend marked two important items. First, we finished the porch. I’m not talking about finished except this small item or another. I am stating 100% done. That makes two rooms that have reached that stage and 2 more than are 95% finished. That has only ever happed twice before in my life, the Auburn house and the Aberdeen house. Both times were just before we sold the house. Some things never change.

Secondly I started packing in earnest. I’ve been packing books and extra’s for months but this was different. I packed the bedding from the guest room bed. We will list the bed on Craig’s list. The extra queen bed will go into the guest room in Texas. I packed the sheets and blankets. I took the bed apart. I packed all of my long sleeved sweaters and flannel shirts. The baskets of winter hats and gloves have been separated into garage sale and pack. It struck me that I really don’t know how much of that sort of thing I will need. The winters will be more mild but there will still be 2 months of below 40 degree weather. What will the next winter be like?

Moving on to Harry’s closet I did the same thing. All of his long sleeved shirts and winter socks have been packed. I saved out short sleeved and nice pants just incase but the boots are all packed. The closet is almost empty. The guest room will become a staging area for the moving crew.

Our house will be looking its best and its worst. A friend mentioned that it was becoming so empty that it echoed. We have only a month before we could leave for Texas. I am both sad and excited. I truly know what the word “transitions” means.

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