The House Is Changing

28 May

We have decided to move out of our storage unit. The original plan was to move things out of the house to depersonalize it for sale. The extra furniture and luggage in the guest room was the first to go followed by the exercise equipment rom the porch. Both rooms have been painted and trimmed out completely.

The plan has now changed. We will lease out the house and sell it sometime in the future. That decision impacts where we stack the boxes that have been packed. The bed in the guest room has been dismantled. The box springs and mattress have gone to a woman on freecycle who was sleeping on the floor. The bedframe is a 1928 Simmons birthing bed so it will find a new home in Texas. The sheets and blankets are in a bag and surrounded by a growing stack of boxes. I plan to leave just enough room to reach the window where the swamp cooler is installed and the dresser with my clothes. Our next house guests will be at the new house.

For the moment the porch is just for a quiet place to sit. The stack of luggage in the corner does include some of our actual travel bags but there are no boxes. Most of the house plants from the living room have been relocated here but that just adds to the feeling of green peaceful quiet.  That frees up the window wall in the living room so we can finish the drywall patching and baseboards. That space will then be filled with the boxes from storage. I need to finish packing the china hutch so we can deliver it to Spokane soon. The time is getting short.

The utility room has the ceiling patched (long story) and ½ painted. Half of the walls are painted as well. It seemed to make sense to work our way across the room. We will still need to move things again to put down baseboards and put up ceiling trim but that will be next weekend. I can then continue to fill the corners with boxes.

It looks so nice I might be inspired to actually finish projects once we start for real on the Texas house.  The reality is that probably won’t happen. By the time I finish here and get everything moved out, I’ll have almost enough energy to get things moved it there. I might get the drywall hung in the guest room although the green backer paper isn’t that bad. The living room will get painted at some future date. The kitchen will occupy most of the fall and winter. The new deck won’t happen until Spring and the 2 bathrooms probably even later. We started the front porch but didn’t finish. We ran out of time and I reached by normal stopping point. I don’t finish until I have a plan and a vision. The front porch needs it rail or half wall. I have had too many options. Maybe we should start there. If I am going to finish a project, that might be the best place to start. Once it is done, the wicker furniture and the rocking chairs will have a happy home. I rather like that idea.


One Response to “The House Is Changing”

  1. Nancy May 29, 2012 at 6:52 AM #

    Finishing! that opens so many possibilities. You are just the opposite of our current crop of students who want only to be done. They don’t much care about quality or learning, just being done. With you, not being finished can means so many things–wanting to get it just right, that “boy it looks nice” phase; knowing there is more time, much, much more time; understanding the difference between the foundational work that will support all and anything else, and getting that vision and knowing the surface will bring satisfaction in a job not just done, but done well.

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