Packing Hazards

4 Jun

I’ve discovered a new hazard in packing. I had already discovered the basic one like forgetting to tape the bottom of the box before I filled it. There is also the prize winner of too heavy to move. I really like the smaller file boxes with handles but with a full load of books or dishes, the weight cans still push the limits for an old lady body. There is also the problem of not filling the box to the very top and then having the edges collapse when more boxes are packed on top.

The new hazard is cat-in-the-box.  I had taped the bottom of some larger surplus computer boxes and then went off to do other things. I returned and almost pulled my arm out of the socket when I grabbed the handle on one of the boxes expecting it to be nothing but box. Hiding inside was 20 lbs of Iggy cat. He let me know he was not ready to move yet but doesn’t want to be left behind. I guess I will need to start checking for cat-in-the-box before I tape down the lids!


2 Responses to “Packing Hazards”

  1. Nancy June 4, 2012 at 6:44 AM #

    I see a children’s book in your future. Seuss did Cat in the Hat. You’ll do Cat in the Box. it will be all about moving, but for kids who don’t know what to expect next, leaving all they know behind for nothing but the unknown. It will be a best seller. The moving companies will give it out as part of their customer service package. You will be famous all over again–for at least the twentieth time!

  2. Janice Clark June 4, 2012 at 11:28 AM #

    The book idea has merit–something to do in your “spare time” after moving. I never had to contend with Cat in the Box, but my best solution to the weight issue was to combine heavy and light things, so you have a full but manageable box. Those nice uniform file boxes are amazingly sturdy–even when not completely filled they stack quite well. We had some smaller boxes that I put inside as spacers for books and papers to keep the weight down. I also used lots of packing material, both bubble-wrap and crumpled paper.

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