13 Jun

 The End of the Year Celebration started off with a lighter air than I remember from past years but that may have just been my mood. There were no silly skits but there were lots of really bad jokes that kept things moving for quite a while. There were the usual awards for years of service, and then introductions and speeches for those of us who were retiring and ending with our version of the academia academy awards. Some of the speeches were emotional; others not so much. Some evoked laughter like the presentation of my new “Starry Night” socks which match my lime green sneakers. I had given the thought of a speech a few minutes of my time but hadn’t planned what I would say. It is hard to sum up 6 years that were a mixture of extremely frustrating and very rewarding. The moment came and I didn’t my foot in my mouth so it was a successful speech.

The speeches were accompanied by award plaques. One of my dear friends received a crystal desk plaque for 35 years of service. She can line it up with the others she has received for her 5 year milestones. The first service mark is ten years so I only have the desk plaque listing my 6 years of service at retirement. It will, however, join the cup that marked my “parole” from teaching inside the correction center, the “pardon” presented by my students in that correction center, the letter of appreciation from a unit in Boeing, and my award certificates from the mortgage broker association. They don’t represent a sum total of my work years but do reflect interesting times and good memories. Isn’t that what mementos are all about?


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