Bright Ideas

25 Jun

What ever gave me the bright idea to move which involves packing all of my stuff and completing all of the house projects I started but hadn’t finished? When I throw in a rather short time line, my judgment is seriously in question.

There is a certain charm to rooms that have been freshly painted in a rich color but what do baseboards actually do beside contrast that paint? The white trim does add spark to the sage green walls in my former office. The problem is that the DSL connection line is perfectly centered in the middle of one long run of baseboard. If I attempt to move it, I may lose my Internet connection. If I don’t, I’ll need to do a poor patch job around it. So the room isn’t quite done for today but there are only 2 more days left!

I’m packing dishes and glasses which means lots of newspaper and bubble wrap. I have the glass mixing bowls in the kitchen hutch and the frog collection on top of the refrigerator yet to be packed. They are all odd sized so finding the right box is difficult; time to pull out the Rubber Maid tubs and not make them too heavy.  I’ll need more for the garage but that is last. It could be packed when I come back in July for the big truck. I planned a couple of days here to get thing organized. Looks like I’ll need it.

If the rain holds off, we can get the travel trailer loaded tomorrow. Need to bring back all of the things we put in storage which will probably require the open trailer and no rain as well. Wonder how many trips we will need to make. We collected things for there over a lot of weekends. There is also the issue of getting all of the vehicles lined up in the right places. The parking area looked so big until we added a car, a truck, 2 trailers and a camper van. The 3″ chipper is a trailer hookup as well which might push the limits. It will be used to make mulch of all of surplus wood scraps. The original plan was to chip the firewood stack but that may not happen. We may see how much wood these 2 wood chucks can chip in 4 hours and call that job done.

Why am I moving and why do I need to be in Texas before the 4th of July? What happened to the idea that retirement means relaxed schedules?


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