Plans Change

1 Aug

The good book gave way to a shopping trip to Sherman 45 miles away. It has the closest Lowes as well as a large Home Depot and other special places like Target and Kohl’s. I’ll bet they even have different grocery stores but that wasn’t on our list at this time.

We are experts at spending money but we are also frugal with the money we spend. I spent years as a single mom where even the gallon of milk was a major expenditure and then we go married and I didn’t need to think twice before a purchase. Luckily I did think twice and would do my research before making a big purchase. With the move spending has become almost a way of life. With the 1st trip we got almost 10 miles to the gallon and the second averaged almost (but not quite) 7 miles to the gallon. This last time should be about 12 but could be less. American Express loves me and the feeling is mutual. Those plus the UHaul truck are almost like fixed expenses.

A new kitchen means new appliances. We pushed hard to get to TX before the 4th of July. I knew that it would offer the best special pricing we would see before next winter. A refrigerator is not something that could wait. Using the stove/oven in the trailer (now converted as my sewing/guest room) works for anything the electric fry pan can’t handle but the refrigerator holds cold drinks and is nice to have inside the house. We bought a stove and refrigerator and added a stacking washer and dryer. The former are parked in the family room just off the kitchen and the later will be delivered after I return from this last trip. They will be parked in the old outside utility room until we get the new bump out constructed. The major hold up will be the electrical and plumbing. Maybe it will be cool enough for wiring in October.

The more recent shopping trip was for replacement windows. We compared prices and options and placed our order. We changed some of our options from last time – single hung over double hung (am I really going to stand on a step ladder to open the top of a 6’ tall window?) and splurged on my casement kitchen window. We still came in under budget but because we looked at storage building we were able to spend that extra plus 4 times as much. Home Depot loves us for the windows but Lowes won the storage building. Harry should have his own 16 x 20 space constructed on our lot shortly after I return. Now if I can just convince him to put all of his exercise equipment out there rather than in the guest room, I’ll be happy.

The coolest thing about that new building besides giving me some place to store the Christmas trees is that we don’t need a building permit! We had wanted to construct a nice 2 car garage in  Wenatchee but the city told us that we couldn’t on our corner lot without special exemptions and they would not give it. We were stuck with the ugly carport. Here we can do what we feel is appropriate for our house. That does mean that we could have neighbors who make a mess of things but that means money and there isn’t a lot of that here. My concern if for the number of houses that are falling down around the occupants. A contractor told me that people live in them until they do actually start to fall down. The house is then torn down and a new one constructed. Rather than spend for repairs they save for the new house. Why struggle to rewire when the updated wiring will be in the new house? I think I’ll stick with our plan.


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