Long Distance Moves

1 Aug

The retirement planning books talk about the money needed to maintain your current life style and living conditions. Unless I worked full time until I was 80, which was never going to happen for us. One of the things they cautioned against was the distance from friends and family. I know the holidays will not be the same without the friends and family who came for Thanksgiving. Christmas we went to them but probably won’t in the future. Winter travel can be much more complicated that summer travel. SeaTac airport has spent many years fogged in for a week at a time. We will need to settle for a nice long Skype conversation. That isn’t the same as giving a big hug but that is a downside to a long distance move.

I will have my fill of making the trip until Spring. I will be back for graduation next June. Harry may even be ready to come with me by then – time will tell. For this trip I flew in along and will drive out later with week.  I did spend the night on youngest son’s couch as had been my plan. I came in at 8:30 pm and knew if I booked a hotel room, I wouldn’t see him at all. He had cheese and crackers waiting for me and we spent an hour or so chatting before the sofa said I’d be happier stretched out. I accidently woke him at 3 AM when I used the bathroom but some things can’t be helped. At 5:30 I was kind enough to walk to the Quickie Mart for coffee. I will wake him a little later before I head out to get my haircut but he should be able to go back to sleep. It is his day off.

This last trip does include a happy sidelight. Oldest son has a new baby daughter born just after I arrived back in WA. I didn’t plan this trip for that event nor did I attend. That is not my style. After the haircut I will drive the extra 50 miles to see mother, baby and son before the 4 hour drive to Wenatchee. I’m happy for them. This was something they both wanted and they are old enough to have made that decision. Harry has an expression, “better you than me” and it applies here. I’m not the doting grandmother type.  I’ve always considered a baby something that are wet and smells funny. I agree with my father who said that once the boys were 2 years old, they were almost human. With luck I can make this visit without having to hold the wet one but I’ll do what is expected. Skype sounds like a really good option so maybe that distance won’t be too much of an issue.


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