6 Aug

Writing takes time which was seriously missing in this last week. There were many dog tired days that blended with some very special time with friends and family.  I stayed overnight with younger and went on to see oldest son and new baby. I did hold said baby for the necessary pictures although because he was taking them, we didn’t take one of the 3 generations together. I’ll need to Photoshop one later. It was a good time and the baby holding was kept to a minimum. They seem like a happy family which is good.

As I drove on to Wenatchee I realized that both sons have turned out just fine. Neither has the life I envisioned for them but they each have their own lives and that isn’t such a bad thing. All I really ever wanted was for them to be happy.

I also had a good time with former students at a small but nice get together. I was surprised at the RSVPed no shows although the same thing happened for the truck loading. In the past I would plan a few extras for those who didn’t RSVP but that pattern seems to have changed. Is life moving so fast that we can no longer plan 5 days ahead? I’ll have to compare that with the slower Southern pace on such things.

I also got to spend a nice long evening with a dear friend. We had a chance to catch up on a hectic summer. That Skype account will be necessary so we can continue those long conversation with a glass of wine. I’ll have to see if you can do group get togethers on Skype with all of the Wenatchee Valley girlfriends. Some connections are too good to lose just because of distance.

I had been pleased with the ending of this post but I hadn’t tied it back to the writing. Each time I post there is a quote to encourage me to do the next ones (I’ve done 60 so far.) I have to share this last one: “Writing to me is just letting my fingers do the talking.” – Issac Asimov

One Response to “Writing”

  1. Connie Evans August 6, 2012 at 10:33 AM #

    it was great spending time with you as well.

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