14 Aug

Although I get bored easily and always like to be doing new things, I also like routine. I like to have my morning and evening rituals even though the day in between may be pure chaos. I read a book recently that recommended maintaining a routine for the new unemployed as a way to combat depression. I am not picturing depression over my decision to retire but there may be a hint of “OMG what was I thinking” about the move in general. So I am working on my routines to find a solution to some of the chaos.

As always I get up at 5ish AM but the time zone has changed. We normally don’t pay much attention to eastern and western sides of a time zone; our part of Texas is 2 hours ahead of our former part of Washington. Our part of Texas, however is on the very close western end of Central time where our part of Washington was near the eastern edge of Pacific time. At 6 AM here it is still more than a little dark out. 6:30 brings a hint of dawn in the east so it is a good time to sit in the swing in the screened patio room. Between 5 AM and 6:30, my outside activities are limited. Now that I have a fast internet connection, it can be a good time to pay bills and surf the net. Later the living room may be too warm to add the heat of the computer but with the front door open it is great. I could take my coffee to the front porch but the bugs claim that unless the breeze is brisk.

Shortly before dawn and before the screened patio, it is time for my sneakers and a brisk walk. I have been walking the 7 blocks down to the town square. I often loop the post office and head back the 7 blocks via a different street. The trip to the town square is on Main Street where the sidewalk is in medium good condition. The return trip on side streets offers mixed sidewalk condition. Broken concrete or missing completely are common so Ray Bradbury’s Pedestrian comes to mind. Grass pops up between the chunks of concrete. I need true daylight (even without dawn) to see the bumps. All of this means that my routine has to change almost daily as dawn occurs just a little later each day. Soon Harry and the dog will be out of bed and think they should join me on that walk which will require a much shorter walk with a thousand doggie stops.

For now, however that type of walk is part of the evening routine. The dog reminds me that I really don’t need to watch a TV show (even the final episode of The Closer) but I do need to put my shoes on. I just have to pay attention to how early it gets dark again. It is much to soon to start evening walks via flashlight.

Now it is time for those sneakers – dawn is not far off.


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