15 Aug

On average our part of Texas gets as much rain as Seattle does. That means we have green grass and trees which is nice. What I had considered was how that rain falls. The perception that Seattle rains all of the time isn’t quite correct but when it does rain, it is usually a steady drizzle.

We get thunderstorms. They are big booming storms that so far wrap in a U from the South, West and North while heading east.  The storm last week had lightening that flashed almost continuously in a wave on all three sides. Most of the thunder had a delay that said the storm was in the distance. When it moved closer the thunder was so loud it felt like it shook the house. The storm last night had fewer lightening strikes but they were closer and even louder.

In addition to the thunder, lightening and wind we also get rain. It seems to match the thunder in intensity. The wind last night had rain drops on the windows despite a wide eve. Things under the carport and on the front porch were wet. As I had suspected there is a need for the deep trenches and wide culverts at intersections. The one near the bank on Main Street was filled almost to the top of the culvert.  On streets that didn’t have a culvert, the puddles were small lakes.  If we normally receive 3 inches of rain per month, we received more than half of it last night. The weather service reports 1.6 inches in the last 24 hours. More rain is forecast for today. Might be a good day to put together bookcases once they dry out. At 94% humidity that may take awhile. Wonder if my load of laundry is going to dry on the line as well. Maybe I really do need to hook up the new dryer!


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