23 Aug

Houses have always fascinated me. As a child I enjoyed the variety of the old houses that lined the street on my path to school. Later I think I had my real estate license to view inside interesting houses as much as I did to help people buy those houses. We have a number of historic homes in our small town. The streets that run north-south appear to all be numbered. The east-west ones start with commercial names like Commerce, Market and then Main but switch to trees like Poplar, Elm and Hickory as you head farther north. We live on the south end between Commerce and Market. Most of the beautiful big Victorians are on those tree named streets. Some are in excellent repair where others need lots of work. A few are beyond the “Save this old house” status from This Old House magazine.

As I take my morning walk I am amazed at the variety here. Besides the 1890’s – 1920 Victorians there are lost of 1920 – 1960 frame bungalows like ours. There are also lots of brick homes ranging from 1950’s bungalows to large stately newer homes.  In between are a handful of 1970’s modern although they could be major remodels on older homes. There are two new houses being built about 6 blocks away. It is too early to be sure but I’ll bet they are brick rather than frame. That would follow with all of the newer homes that I have seen on the edges of town. Even the Housing Authority apartments are brick bungalow style.  Nice to know that new things are coming in even if it isn’t in the commercial district.

One of the hardest things to determine is if a house is occupied or if it has been abandoned. Our house sat empty all of last year and most of the year before. Now there would be no question – cars and stuff in the driveway, on the front porch and in the carport. There are lots of houses that are clearly occupied but others show little sign of life. The grass gets cut but is not maintained regularly. The windows are dark and often the roof needs repair. The free newspaper is scattered across the yard. No cars are in the driveway but later at night a light might be visible in the back of the house. When the days are extremely hot, only part of the house may be air conditioned. There are still some that I question. Maybe it is time to get a Texas real estate license so I’d have the current list of houses for sale or repos. For now, it gives me something to think about as I walk past.


2 Responses to “Houses”

  1. Nancy August 23, 2012 at 7:54 AM #

    I share your interest in houses. Mine has been from the architecture/interior design point of view. How people love their houses and make them their own is my usual point of view, followed quickly by thoughts of what I would do to love the house and make it mine.

    Are you still loving your house, your bungalow? Is it too hot to do more yet to make it yours?

    • compterteach August 23, 2012 at 11:22 AM #

      We do still love our house even after 2 water leaks in 3 days this last week. The total re plumb has been added to the total rewire. At least we have found a plumber we can work with but are still trying to get bids from electricians.
      It has been 10 degrees cooler here than in Wenatchee. The direct sun is a bit much in the mid afternoon but the mornings have been very nice. Now if I can just stop the bug bite!.

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