Living in a Small Town in the South

27 Aug

There are hints that let me know we don’t live in Washington any longer (even if my driver’s license still says I do.)

  1. I am normally addressed as “Ma’am.” I’ve learned to reply in kind.
  2. To trades people I am “Mrs Miller.”
  3. There are bugs everywhere of every size, shape and description. Many of them bite. I have small and large red bumps on my arms, legs and even my earlobes  I rarely feel the attack until later when the bumps start to itch. I really should buy shares in the After Bite company or any of the itch relief cream companies.
  4. The nights are usually not hot but they are not as cool as I might like. Last week it was in the mid 60’s at night and this week in the low 70’s. The days have been in the upper 80’s and low nineties. It is the humidity that makes it feel warmer. Some days we have a nice morning breeze. Other days the only breeze is that from the air conditioner, a fan or the swing in the screened shelter house. Even Iggy the cat likes to lay in front of the fan on his back with all four legs spread. Any exercise produces a sheen of perspiration; any actual work results in sweat dripping.
  5. The bagger at the grocery store insists on taking my groceries out to my car. They appear highly insulted that I don’t let them load them into the car. We have quickly adapted to help loading our cart and the truck at Home Depot with anything that was larger than a box of nails. Even Costco has provided help on large items. Now if I could just get them to come home with us for the unloading, things would be perfect.
  6. Motorcyclists have always done a finger wave (not a salute) from one biker to another. I kind of miss that group membership after selling the bikes. Now I have membership in a small town. The finger wave is given by almost every car or truck that approaches me as I walk. The police give one of the larger waves. It is nice to know they are on patrol.
  7. We needed to get a building permit for our new shed that will be delivered next week. I had to complete a 1/2 page form and highlight the model and price on the sales flyer. I included the price confirmation from the company. After paying my $76 (over $5,000 value) I was handed the permit to be posted. Because there is no plumbing, electrical or concrete pad, there will be no inspections. The process took about an hour but that included the time to pick up the application form on the 1st trip.
  8. We don’t have any form of recycling. We  have curbside garbage collection and can make a free trip to the large dumpster per month. We still have Waste Management providing the garbage service here but the city did not go for the recycle package. The costs were considered too high. Our water, sewer and garbage service is $50 per month. Don’t have the heart to tell them what I paid for each of those services in WA or how much a trip to the dump cost. I still want to save out the glass, cardboard and cans. It may take a long time to let that one go. There is one metal recycler who will buy aluminum cans.  At 60 cents per lb, it may take a while to earn lunch.

Now, however, it is time to take my morning coffee to the screened shelter house away from the bugs where we can create a breeze in the swing. Tough life.


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