Making Progress

12 Sep

The remodel is now making serious progress. The floor has been painted on the new “man cave” storage shed. We will add the loft today so I will have a place for the Christmas decorations (and the Christmas tree from last year). I will be able to clear the luggage out of the dinning room and finally get the tools and supplies organized. We will buy more kitchen cabinets and get them painted for installation soon.

The electricians have the new service panel in and the kitchen has been wired for the new outlets. They will start on outlets for the bedrooms next. They put in the attic drop down stairs for us so they have easy access to the attic to run all of the wires.  It it still hot up there but they get started early while it is still cool and knock off in mid afternoon. This will not be a fast process but we are getting it done. The attic access has been moved to the master bedroom area from the kitchen so we will be finishing the kitchen ceiling and putting drywall behind the new pantry units. Once they are installed we can unpack a few more plastic tubs from the carport area. I tingle at the thought of finding things!

The plumber is due to start today. Unlike the electrician, the plumber will not be able to run duel systems. We may very well be out of water and sewer for the next 3 days. This is a major step forward but also a challenge. We can move the kitchen and bath functions to the van and the trailer. The temperatures are expected to be in the low 90’s for the rest of the week and cool even more before the weekend.  That will help if we are doing sponge baths rather than a shower. By next week, however, we should actually have hot water and can hook up our new stove! The shower will be in no man’s land until I get the tub surround re-tiled but we will be able to take a hot bath and actually have the water go down the drain. This is the exciting stuff.

In two – three weeks all of the new wire will be installed and we will be ready for the change over to the new service panel. I will be able to charge the netbook and cell phone while Harry watches TV, I have the computer running and popping popcorn in the microwave without flipping a circuit breaker. For now I have to count the lights that are on and then pick 2 of 3 appliances to run at once. Will I lose brain power from not doing a math problem to use the computer? What will I do with my spare time?


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