1 Oct

I had expected that I would feel a certain loss at the start of the school term this fall but I haven’t. The public school started at the end of August so that only reminded me of my childhood. Even the local jr college started August 27th. I had learned to expect public school starts after Labor Day and college starts at the last week or so of September. I could hardly feel the loss because my online class started on the 24th of September and I had heard from a 1/2 dozen of my students multiple times in the week preceding. At least with my face 2 face classes, I rarely heard from them until the day classes started. We are starting the 2nd week of classes and are things appear to be settling down.

I haven’t established a schedule yet for checking email and grading assignments. Some days I am an email addict checking hourly. Other days I am in no rush to turn on the computer. I have always worked best when I had a deadline. I don’t necessarily put things off until the last minute but that deadline encourages me to get started. When I taught face 2 face, I’d lay out a general plan for the course but I often decided the hour before class on the plan for that session. I can’t do that for online. The plan for the course must be more detailed and the materials must all be in place for the entire week well before that week starts. Right now I am grading the last items for week 1 and organizing the last of the items for week 3. I’m not sure I like that arrangement but it might be easier if I am teaching the same class next term. It would help with the organization for materials each week.

When I taught face 2 face, I enjoyed having a new set of classes each term. I only repeated classes for a new school year. In that year, the software may have been upgraded or I may have found a new textbook. Either way, it was the same and yet new so I didn’t get bored. If I teach this class again, will the benefits out weight the potential for boredom?  I retired for a lot of reasons, one of which was that I found it harder to get excited about the new term. I spent all of last year never really being ready for the term to start. I can’t say that I was excited about this school year but it was different so I haven’t been bored.

If I start finding lots of time to enter lots of  new posts, however, it may mean that I really don’t want to face grading those assignments. At this minute, , it is time to take my coffee to the screen patio (currently known as the garden room) for our morning session of “sit a spell.” The grading will just have to wait. Maybe this afternoon will be a better time not that I want to put it off or anything.


2 Responses to “Teaching”

  1. Connie October 1, 2012 at 5:22 PM #

    What classes are you teaching?

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