Official Texans

12 Oct

We are now officially Texans. 2 of the 3 vehicles have new plates and we both have new driver’s license numbers. I’m not sure I really want to rush in to changing the plates on the camper. Having all 3 due in the same month may be a hit on the budget in future years. Couldn’t do it at the same time because the local inspection station ran out of stickers until next Tuesday or so. Might be a sign to wait a month!

The process of getting these documents is both easy and oddly complicated. In Washington I had learned that I could not insure a vehicle that is not registered in my name.. Here we could not get our driver’s license until we provided copies of our Texas auto registration. To get the registration we needed to provide proof of the inspection, proof of insurance with a local address, copies of both driver’s licenses and the original title and/or registration plus the application form.  The driver’s license office used the new registration and proof of insurance to verify our residency plus our current driver’s license and birth certificates. We had to provide thumb prints and read a single line for the vision test. The inspections were $15.00 each and took about 7 minutes including processing on my debit card. The auto registration is only done locally on Tuesdays, cost $180/ vehicle and took about 30 minutes for the two cars once I had all of the proper paperwork and signatures (took 3 trips before everything was correct). Even though Texas is a community property state we had to sign another line to have right of survivor on the cars. Makes me wonder if the title is done correctly on the house.

As Texans I know we fail the speech test but I can’t image that we will actually change that much although Harry did say “Howdy” to our waitress at breakfast this morning. Will I be far behind?

2 Responses to “Official Texans”

  1. Nancy October 12, 2012 at 3:57 PM #

    At paragraph two, I was afraid you were falling into a classic “Catch 22,” but no. I’m glad Texas is welcoming you.
    Amy and I are on the dark cold west side attending a conference. We have precipitation in Kent/Auburn/Des Moines for the first time in 81 days. Don’t we have great timing?
    We drove via Blewett but could see no evidence of the summer of “The Whole World is on Fire” from the car. Maybe on the way back with a different viewpoint?
    Howdy, huh? We look forward to what you will sound like next June. Skype probably cannot pick up the subtleties of the fall into twang!

    • compterteach October 13, 2012 at 7:02 AM #

      At first I thought we had a “Catch 22” environment but it was fine once I understood the order of operations.
      Ya All have a great time in the big city!

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