16 Oct

The sunrise this morning is outstanding. It looks a lot like the banner on this blog site. The house sits with the front porch due West,kitchen window due north, master bedroom on the South and the family room and outdoor patio facing East. The light clouds and color today wrap from my kitchen window and all the way across the back. We usually have our morning coffee in the screen patio building to watch the actual sunrise but this is the first time I have noticed the display from the kitchen. It must be the combination of new larger window and the clouds to pick up the colors. I’ll pretend that I have never heard the saying about red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Today might have a few clouds but I’m sure it will be another perfect autumn day. Because we have had cool (60) nights and warm (80) days the temperature has been delightful and the sunshine a glowing touch. Love it.
Yesterday was note worthy because we tore out the old front steps and put in the new ones. I keep thinking we are done with the tear outs but they aren’t so bad when they are replaced with the new and improved on the same day. It is nice to have safe steps before Halloween. I’m hopeful that we will have trick or treaters but for now it is time to wait for the sun to actually rise.

One Response to “Sunrise”

  1. bctoltman October 18, 2012 at 9:09 AM #

    Glad you are taking time to “smell the roses” in the morning! Envy is surrounding you…..

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