Doing Nothing

25 Oct

Slowing down is one thing but doing nothing is really pushing the edges of my patience. I’ve never claimed to be a patience person. I’ll frequently remind a computer that I want to do something NOW. I’ll pretend that I am a witch (that is the correct spelling) at stoplights by snapping my fingers to make the light change. I even get up at 5 AM because I can’t wait to get the day started.

For now I am expected to rest and take it easy – whatever that means. I quickly gave up sleeping in – 5 AM is still the best time of the day. I’ll prep or grade my online class, look at last night’s email (no one else is up at this hour) and check the weather. At 6 I’ll take a break and make coffee. Before the drywall attack I would do last night’s dishes but since I need to fill the dishpan in the bathtub  (bending over and then lifting it out), that has to wait until Harry is up and moving.

The thought of bending over makes my head hurt so I’ll concede that point but surely there is something I can do? I can’t finish the paint removal in the bedroom because it is either on or close to the floor or at the top of the window casing – bending, ladder, and some strong smells – not good. Can’t cut and hang drywall – bending over and lifting. Can’t install the new windows – lifting. Can’t unpack boxes – lifting even if I had a place to put the stuff. Can’t move into the master bedroom emptying out the guestroom for a place to put stuff – lifting and that bending to finish the master bedroom floor. Can’t paint the kitchen cabinets because we have to buy more which means having 2 people lift them out of the truck.  I think I’m seeing a pattern here that I just don’t like. Whining is best spelled without the “h” and enjoyed with friends and some tasty munchies. Of course alcohol is on the “don’t do” list and the friends are 2000 miles away. What was I thinking? Oh I remember. They have snow in the hills and I’m in shorts and don’t have a mortgage. I knew there was some reason.

So I’ll drink my coffee with my husband while sitting in the swing in the screened patio currently called the garden room. We will chat and watch the clouds where the sun should be rising and I’ll try not to think about all of the things I’d like to do but can’t. I’ll take my time reading the paper.  I can get those dishes washed. I’ll walk the dog in the back yard because I am getting more steady on my feet and maybe start to plan the future garden in that area. I’ll have to limit the garden planning though because I don’t want to see that the fall veggie garden needs to be weeded. It is that bending over thing again. Patience.

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