7 Nov

I am eager to get some of our projects closer to completion. It isn’t happening. My children shouldn’t be surprised. Growing up, the only times they saw a project move into the almost completed stage was when we were going to have a party. Besides clearing off all of the flat places in the house where stuff collected, I would take on one project to be almost completed. Please note the “almost ” included here. Until we sold the house in Auburn I never finished anything. Even then Harry did most of the finish work. I did need to finish things in Aberdeen but there were a number of things that were planned and never done. Wenatchee still has projects that were planned before we moved but we moved out a month early so the renters could move in. Hopefully more of those things will be completed when I go back in June.

My head injury has slowed me down more than I expected. I have learned that the price for a 50 mile scenic drive to enjoy the fall colors (mainly still green or turned yellow with just a hint of red) is a serious case of the dizzies the next day. We have hung a number of sheets of that offensive drywall (revenge can be good) with me in my cute pink hard hat. I can still cut out the outlets and drive the screws in the middle of the sheet but Harry had to do all of the upper and even the lower sections. I can do the very bottom but only if I sit down right beside it. Bending over is a recipe for disaster. I have always been our ladder person but for now it has to be a quick up and back down. Looking up and looking down is still an issue. We have a narrow piece of ceiling that may get hung today. It will need to be early today if we do it because by noon I am exhausted . We have a 20 inch hole directly to the attic in the kitchen so I’d really like to get it closed off (insulation will be added later) because the attic is more than chilly.  The mid 40’s outside is matched by the mid 40’s in the attic which means the kitchen was also in the mid 40’s this morning. Of course I did flip on the gas fireplace in the living room and the gas heater in the family room so now my sweatshirt seems a little too warm. Maybe we are making some progress after all.

2 Responses to “Progress”

  1. bctoltman November 8, 2012 at 4:32 PM #

    Heat….sweet heat….We are scheduled for snow. Maybe we can share with you!!!

    • compterteach November 8, 2012 at 5:11 PM #

      I have the front door open at 7 PM – too warm in the house. We really need to get busy on replacing the windows before it seriously gets cool. Next week is only forecast for the upper 60’s during the day.

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