Under Estimating Supplemental Medicare Insurance.

19 Nov

Having a full time job provided me with health insurance. It involved occasional research and a decision between 2 or 3 options. On the surface Medicare is the same. The decision to enroll is very simple. Miss the correct deadline dates and you will pay a penalty for the rest of your life. After that the fun really begins in selecting supplemental insurance. In Texas we had 35 companies to select from with 4 – 6 options each. Medicare offers help in selecting plans after you enter your list of prescriptions on the Medicare site. That narrowed our options to 31 possible companies. Some of the plans will only mail you general information. Others will only tell you about the plan over the phone. Some limit your options for doctors and pharmacies which in our area of the state are already extremely limited. If there are online options, you must enter your list of prescriptions for each company.  Once I entered my data it was time to repeat the process for Harry. I have spent an average of 2 hours/day for the last 2 months looking at companies and plans. If I didn’t have high blood pressure or blood sugar issues before, that would produce them!

I will confess that I am mystified on how others make an educated decision. I suspect that many people go with the company that calls them 1st (don’t even want to count the number of phone calls over the last 2 months) or the company that sends the most attractive ad. I did not to go with the company that let me complete a full set of information online to be told that they would mail the rates and details that would be best for me. That made me less than a happy customer but the fact that they proceeded to mail the large package 2 times a week for 5 weeks guaranteed I would never dream of selecting them. If they could be that sloppy, what would they do with a claim?

So today I completed applications for both of us with the same company and the same plan without prescription coverage. I did so online.  I wore out in running the calculations for the prescription plans and decided that the plan we selected in August wasn’t broken and didn’t need to be changed.  Could there be a medical plan and/or a different prescription plan that will save us money or offer more options? There might be but I have other things I want to do with my life. I don’t really need to worry about this until this time next year. Sounds like so much fun. Thank goodness I’m retired otherwise I’d never have the time to make a decision!

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