Christmas Time

21 Nov

I debated with myself about this title. The politically correct have influenced me. The topic really is about the December  holiday season but the Christmas version is much more visible. I have issues with the stores crowded with Christmas decorations weeks before Halloween. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving and think both have the right to a proper celebration. December can be devoted to Christmas although Black Friday sale ads do get me thinking about holiday presents for family members at a distance.

I grew up in northern Illinois and went to college in Minnesota. December usually, although not always, meant snow. Like the cards and movies a white Christmas was a good possibility. After college I moved to Corvallis, Oregon and then on to Seattle. I was in trauma. I learned to love the song that stated “Christmas in the Northwest is a gift God wrapped in green” but it didn’t feel like Christmas without snow. The Northwest, however, has another option – mountains! I added a mountain sledding trip to my holiday plans and I had that white Christmas feel.

Now we are in Texas. Two days before Thanksgiving and I wore shorts as I worked outside. I switched to jeans and a sweatshirt when we walked the dog after dark but I didn’t need a hat.  Our world is brown with some green thrown in. There is lots of dry brown grass and the yard is covered with dry brown leaves. The rolling hills do have lots of green cedar trees and some trees still have their leaves. There is also the bright granny smith apple green under the bois d’ arc trees from the bois d’ arc fruit.  Many of our trees also have dark green clusters of mistletoe complete with small white berries. There are no mountains in sight so the options for a white Christmas are slim to none. I may need to depend on the holiday movies to satisfy that need.

The holidays, however, will continue without snow or family. Next week is the tree and town square lighting ceremony followed by the pet parade and then the civic center holiday bazaar.  We have a new world and new adventures. In the mean time, the online Black Friday sales have me thinking about where I will place the Christmas trees. I may need to drape wrapping paper on the packing boxes I slide underneath to add to that festive look. Of course many of those boxes are white. It might be a new variation on a white Christmas after all.


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