Black Friday Curmudgeon

23 Nov

In the past Black Friday has been a day to finish the Thanksgiving dinner cleanup very early and head out to shop by 6 AM. This year so many of the stores started their shopping on Thanksgiving day which just feels wrong. Of course I did do my shopping at 5 AM Thanksgiving day but I did it online for things we wanted for this new house. Thank You, Lowes – besides the good price shipping was free. Once that was done, I could focus on the cooking and excavating for desired cooking utensils that hadn’t been unpacked yet. With this being our 1st Thanksgiving here, I wanted to set the dining room table with linen tablecloth and napkins, good china, silver and crystal. Some traditions should be continued.

Black Friday doesn’t inspire me this year. I took the time this morning to read yesterday’s ads for things I didn’t really miss and didn’t intend to leave home to buy. Somehow the Petco ad for free dog antlers did not motivate me to change out of my sweats. The dog seemed to smile when I told him we weren’t going. We will stop at Home Depot on our way to the movies (Life of Pi is the choice for the day) but only to buy a poinsettia or 2. There are other things we need that aren’t on sale but I don’t want to buy them today. There were things that I might have considered as grandchild gifts but shipping will cost more than the items. It was one of the things we discussed when we retired and moved.  Now I look for things online that will be shipped directly to the grandchildren and families.

I have another holiday tradition that has continued. My mother’s name was Betty Isabelle. Her mother was Ester Belle. My grandmother walked with a waddling limp that I now know is sciatica compounded by arthritis . I overdid yesterday and today suffer from Ester Belle hip.  Maybe that is the biggest reason of all for becoming a Black Friday curmudgeon. Do I really want to stand in line holding my purchases to save $10 and ship them for $75? Going to the movie sounds like a much better idea.


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