A New Wallet

1 Dec

I just bought a new wallet. That hardly seems like a noteworthy event but for me it is. My last wallet had a broken zipper. It was leather and had held up to 5 or 6 years of hard wear. If the zipper hadn’t broken, it would still be in use today. I knew the zipper was a design flaw. This was the 2nd identical wallet I had owned. The prior one probably lasted as long. When it comes to a wallet, I know what I like and I’m not a slave to fashion. In my 30’s I changed my purse to match my high heels which matched my outfit (22 options to pick from.) Now I change my purse with the extreme seasons – summer or winter. The wallet that went in the purse, however, did not change.

The wallet contained a major portion of my financial life. It has held my checkbook and check register, credit cards, store savings cards, medical ID cards, and driver’s license.  It also included insurance emergency information, extra stamps and photos as well as cash and change. I have been extremely demanding about how all of that stuff in organized. The last wallets had small zippered sections for everything. Much to my husband’s consternation, it was never black. I have enough problems finding things in the black hole of my purse without adding the difficulty of black in black. The late great wallet and its twin were saddle tan.  They were not chosen for their beauty but rather for functionality only. With all of that stuff inside the wallet was almost 3 inches wide so there is little wonder that the zipper broke.

The search for a replacement was not a fun exercise. Leather wallets are non existent in this area. I could buy leather purses at the few high end stores in the area but not a leather wallet. I didn’t check the men’s department. They probably still have leather selections but the style would not meet my needs.  The broken zipper dictated that the selection of a new one could not wait for some far off trip to the big city shopping mall. I was forced to select a fake leather wallet. It is a Liz Claiborne so style ranks higher than function. I did select burgundy rather than a garish lime green or sea foam blue and it has similar pockets and small zippered sections. This wallet was never designed to be more than an inch thick so it was time to look carefully at the contents.

First to go was the check register. The checkbook is sometime needed away from the house but I never write so many checks that I can’t record them once I get back home. I had given up recording every debit purchase; saving the receipt is more important. It was followed by all of the store cards for stores that aren’t in this area. I can set them aside in an envelop marked Seattle.  Next were things used only when we travel like our Camping World card.  That can be stored in the camper van. Trash items were next.  We have a different auto club and I don’t need the dozens of little notes that were tucked into those pockets. My life has changed with retirement so it follows that my wallet would need a change as well.  The new wallet is more sleek and compact.  I doubt that it will survive 5 years but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. Is retirement really about clearing out things that now longer meet my needs? I haven’t unpacked all of the clothes I moved.  There hasn’t been time or need. I’ll bet the spring yard sale will be a big one.


2 Responses to “A New Wallet”

  1. Nancy December 1, 2012 at 9:46 AM #

    You have the best ideas for postings. I, too, am pretty picky about the storage container for the stuff I think I need with me at all times. The most important part, though, is the decision. What really fulfills the criteria for “I need it with me all the time?” And as you evolve, so does that list change and adapt with you.
    Cheers to all the new in your life.

    • compterteach December 1, 2012 at 10:01 AM #

      Thank you. I do hope I have something of value to say and not just vanity. The recognition that I can and will simplify the stuff in my life has been a huge change. More evolution to come!

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