Small Town Christmas

2 Dec

The Christmas season officially started here on Friday night. We went to the town square for the tree lighting. The organizers were rather surprised that they had anyone in attendance. The prior year had only a handful of people there. The football team’s playoff game was competition this year (they lost) so they had good reason to not expect almost 50 people waiting for the big moment. Unfortunately the organizers had not planned the ceremony part. Without fanfare or notice they just plugged in the lights and then proceeded to the awards for the best lite storefront.  At least the town has grown to have  active storefronts on all sides of the town square that were decorated and lite. The post office is in the center of the square and the artificial tree is in a small strip of grass just behind it.  There is also a small gazebo there and both were covered with lights. There is a small park just across the street. The plan for next year is to have lights for the small park. This year a building on one end of the park was to be turned into a movie screen for the outside Christmas movie.  We walked the square admiring the new antique stores before heading home before the movie started.

Antique shops frequently mark a town that has been in serious decay. Our small town qualifies but here the shops signify a small town that is starting to make progress forward.  We frequently have people comment on the improvements that we have made to our little house. I see the front porch that isn’t finished and the 4 windows that have yet to be replaced and the mountain of empty boxes waiting for the dump trip and the carport that is filled with cabinets being painted for the kitchen and the dead roses in the front yard. They see a house were someone is making a change. We are not the only ones. Two more old houses have been purchased recently by people who come on weekends to work on them. Hopefully they are people who want to live here after the work is done.

By next year I  hope to join the Chamber of Commerce organizers for our civic events  and will remember to add a little ceremony to our small town Christmas.  For now I need to decide how to rearrange the over supply of stuff to make room for the Christmas tree(s). It is time to hang the garland and light the lights.  Step by step this is becoming our home.


One Response to “Small Town Christmas”

  1. bctoltman December 4, 2012 at 12:09 PM #

    Sounds like fun!

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