Don’t Under Estimate 20%

12 Dec

Texas is having a serious drought. Instead of the normal 3 inches of rain per month, we have had next to nothing in 3 months.  That has worked well for us because we still have way too much stuff under the carport that is not ready for wind and heavy rain. I could say that if the things there are ruined by water, I didn’t really need them but that is just not how I operate.  So when the weather people forecast a 20% chance of rain, I don’t pay much attention.

The forecast for Monday and Tuesday was a major drop in temperature from 74 to 45 and mid twenties listed for overnights  They also included a 20% chance of snow (that Wenatchee “S” word) although commentators considered that overrated because of the lack of general moisture. Imagine my surprise Monday morning when I found the front steps covered in a white dusting. The morning paper was also dusted so the snow had fallen in a sudden shower.  I guess the 20% referred to the amount of snow.  20% is a dusting and 80% is in inches, right? The temperature was as promised so that light dusting lasted until almost 10 AM. It helped set the mood as I put up the Christmas trees and then decorated. I left the outside decorating for later this week. The temperature should return to the low 70’s which makes it nicer to be out.  Winter is just beginning. We may see snow in the forecast some time in the coming weeks. 20% works just fine for me.

One Response to “Don’t Under Estimate 20%”

  1. Nancy December 12, 2012 at 6:42 AM #

    I love it! This is very similar to my husband’s description of 20% chance of rain in western Colorado, where the humidity is high at 15%. He says 20% chance of rain refers to the amount of ground surface that might get wet. In other words, a 20% chance of rain means you can walk between the drops.

    That huge drop in temps that you get there in the south land is scary though. No wonder it spawns destructive weather–not in your town, but in that tornado alley that starts not so far north and east of you.

    We have snowy hills and green lawns and a bit of window scraping in the mornings. Finals through Thursday and then we can be festive too.

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