White and Ice Christmas

27 Dec

We had a white Christmas. I had come to terms about being in the South and having a brown Christmas. The trees were up and decorated, the nutcracker collection was spread throughout the house and the front porch rockers and wicker had the cushions wrapped in red. I hadn’t gotten the garland up because we had a number of windy days but it was piled on the front porch that almost looks like a tree. I made fudge for my husband and to mail to my youngest son. The Christmas letter was written and the cards all mailed. I really didn’t need snow to put me in the Christmas spirit this year.

We got hard rain and wind early on Christmas Day. I put on my trusty Pacific Northwest rain coat and rain pants to head out to the garden for lettuce and  radishes to put in our Christmas dinner salad. Freezing rain and snow had been in the forecast but that was for after 5 PM. The weather forecaster was wrong. At 2:30 I had to switch from picking as fast as my freezing fingers could go to pulling the plastic over the garden in hopes of saving the lettuce and pea plants. I am not sure I was fast enough. The rain turned to freezing and snow in the space of 15 minutes. The wind picked up even more and I was more than happy to head back into the house.

When we walked the dog after dinner, the 4 inches of snow had drifted in places to the tops of my hiking boots. Items in the carport were covered with a light coat of snow that had been blown in from all directions. The snow stopped and the temperature dropped to 21 degrees. A neighbor said she was surprised. Usually the coldest nights came in January and February. Welcome to winter in NE Texas!

We stayed home the day after Christmas. The roads were more than a little icy. The sun cleared the road of the snow but because it never got above freezing all day,  the yard and driveway are still white. The cats were not happy when they headed out but the dog was willing to do our daily 4 loops around the back yard. We walked with a careful step on sidewalks covered with compacted ice and snow. The sun never reached that pathway that is so shaded in the summer. Felt more like Eastern Washington than either of us liked.

Today is forecast for mid 40’s during the day and upper 30’s at night. and next week should be back to normal mid 50’s. I have things to do and places to go to so I won’t miss the white when it is gone. In fact, I won’t really be disappointed if we don’t have any more of that “S” word for the coming new year. Above freezing works for me.

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