New Year’s Day

3 Jan

For some people New Year’s day means a morning after headache or tons of football games. I usually spend the day packing away the decorations from Christmas. The nutcrackers will be collected from all corners of the house and the ornaments removed from the trees. I’ll miss the glow of the lights but it is time to focus on far off Spring. We have rain which has turned my garden into mud. It was needed but it would be nice if it were spread out over the year as is considered normal. We have yet to experience normal so I’ll reserve judgement.

I never got the garland hung on the front porch so I’ll be packing it back into the Christmas tins with the large pine cones in the center. The bows have been removed from the doors and the holiday mugs packed back into the box that I’ve had since 1972.  The ornaments have their own boxes that aren’t nearly so old but some of the ornaments are. There is something sad about putting away all of the decorations but it is time. Another year with new adventures await us.  Isn’t that part of what makes the holidays special? What more can we ever ask?


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