12 Jan

We live in a area of extreme weather fluctuations. Yesterday was 70 with delightful sunshine has started the day before. It was a very nice change from the steady rain for the previous two days. It felt more like spring rather than the middle of winter. The advantage to being retired is that I could change my activities to enjoy that warm sunshine. My neighbor hoped the temperature would stay around because she had to work yesterday and wanted to do some yard work today.The forecast for today is foggy and 50 with occasional drizzle. It feels more like winter in Seattle. Having checked the local temperature and rainfall records before we moved , I knew the averages were very similar to those of Seattle at least in the winter months. I hadn’t realized that average here was made from a 75 – 30 degree daily high range in January. Seattle winters tend to be 40 high with 40 as the low in December, January and February.  The winter rainfall in Seattle is a steady drizzle with occasional blue sky days or harder rain. Here the rain is 3 inches in 48 hours with cloudy or blue sky on most other days. Many days start with clouds and switch to blue skies or the reverse. At least we no longer have the snow with weeks of cold and clouds in Wenatchee.

Summer had been hot and dry with Fall dry and cooler. The dry had not been normal and we have been in the 2nd year of a drought. Once the rain started in December, area ponds began to fill but the ground was so packed, most of the water ran off to those ponds. The Christmas snow had been too light to actually soak into the fields. Our current rain is to be followed by a week of low 40’s highs and below freezing nights with no more rain. I’m afraid that the freezing will actually dry out the soil even more extending the drought conditions. Only once the temperatures return to the upper 50’s is rain forecast again. Will we be lucky enough to have a second period of rainfall in one month or will it wait until February? I just know that between now and the middle of February I need a period of dry so I can till my garden area. It will be time to plant potatoes and other cool weather crops. Rain will then be needed to help them grow. The tomatoes need to go in by mid March so I’ll need warm and dry before additional rain. Now if I can just forecast the weather. Oh that’s right, I can imagine most anything and we may get it. I just can’t predict when!


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